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Every computer user should be backing up their data stored on their computer using Windows backup software. Here is some information you will find useful about Windows backup software and what you should be doing to ensure that your data is recoverable after computer data loss. If you are a computer user you must backup your computer regularly. If you dont backup up your computer it is just a matter of time before something happens to your computer and you will lose everything stored on that computer. Just imagine losing everything you have collected on your computer forever.

This could be irreplaceable photos of the family, essential document records, or years of college work all lost forever.

Imagine the pain and frustration of this happening. And this is not something that might happen, the way to look at this is that it is inevitable, that it absolutely will happen, its just a matter of time. If you are a business user it is crazy not to have backups of your data, you would be amazed at the number times I have gone to clients with no backups. These people are just waiting for a complete disaster to happen from which there business may never recover.

All the invoice records, tax records and their complete client records gone completely. They wont know who has and who hasnt paid them; it will be a complete nightmare.

Not only should you backup your data, you should also make sure these backup are actually working. It is no good taking backups if they are not working or you are in fact unable to restore your lost data. You must test your backups regularly by restoring some data back to your computer.

The way I do this is to create a test folder with a couple of files in; I then delete this folder (it does not contain anything valuable). I then run a test restore of this folder back to its original location. If its restored correctly you know that the backups are working, if it doesnt you must investigate immediately.

You should if you can keep your backups at a different site, or at least away from your computer. You need to think of the worst case scenario.

, what is enterprise collaboration system If you have your system stolen the backup disk will probably be taken too, along with all your irreplaceable data. This is especially important if you are business user, you should have more than one backup, as a minimum 1 for each day of the week and these should be rotated each day and taken off site for storage. Windows backup software is software that will backup your data on your Microsoft Windows machine. Backing up your data is something that you must do, if you are not already you should rectify this as a priority as the data on you computer is at risk of being lost forever.

This is no alarmist statement it happens every day.

Data can be lost by theft of the system, fire or natural disaster. What is enterprise collaboration, however the most likely cause of data loss is the failure of your computer hard drive This is no alarmist statement it happens every day. Data can be lost by theft of the system, fire or natural disaster. However the most likely cause of data loss is the failure of your computer hard drive If this was to happen, and it is only a matter of time as the disk will ultimately fail over time, you will lose all your data. You can replace the hard drive but you cant replace you data unless you have a backup of your hard drive.

I have seen the results of total disk failure to business and individuals, it can be devastating; dont let this happen to you, you must use windows backup software to protect your data. There are various ways of backing up your data, you can backup to portable hard drives, tapes or use online backup services. Probable the easiest way of the home user is to backup to portable disks, but you should store the disks away from the computer system. Businesses typically use tapes to backup to as it is cheap and easily portable and can be taken of site. Your choice of windows backup software is important as the backup recovery features can vary enormously.

As a business user it will very much depend on whether you are using a server or hosting your companies email.

I hope you realise the importance of making regular backups of your computer data. If you dont take a look at the following data. 31% of all computer users have lost data due to events out of their control Of companies that do backup their data 34% never test these backups, of those that do 74% have found failures. Companies that do lose their data will go out of business within 6 months 93% of all companies that suffer a data centre loss of over 10 days go bankrupt within 1 year Recovery costs of a failed drive are in excess of $8000 30% of businesses that suffer data loss due to fire go out of business within 1 year You can see form the stats above that to have data that is not recoverable is a complete disaster for businesses.

This need not be the case with a proper backup strategy, and some thought towards what could go wrong. Always make sure your backups are taken off site, if your backs are destroyed with the computer system they are not much use are they Your backups should form part of your computer system security, it is as important as your antivirus solution and firewall, and I doubt you would consider operating without these.

, what are online collaboration tools There are many windows backup software options for you to consider. Windows does come with its own backup utility but this is very limited in its function. If you are business user you will certainly want to consider the other options available to you.

Windows XP backup software is important for backing up data stored on standalone Windows XP computers. This would typically be used by home computer users and micro business owners who need to backup data on one or two computers that operate singularly, and not as part of a centralized computers system. Windows server backup software would be used by businesses that are running one or more servers.

This software would be used to backup the entire server along with all its data. In the event of disk failure or some other disaster, the server and data can be completely recovered.

If the server is hosing email data such as Microsoft Exchange, special agents need to be purchase with the software to allow for the e special requirements demanded of databases that store email. The same applies SQL data, databases are a special case as they are complex structures that need special agents to back them up. You cannot use standard software to backup these types of data, so make sure you get the software you need for your specialist application. Again, corporate collaboration software, you must test all your backup regularly with regular test restores; this is the only way to ensure your data is recoverable.

You should also have a procedure in place for this eventuality so you can recover as quickly as possible.

Work collaboration software, you dont want to be testing procedures under stress when you have a failure; you need to be confident that your system is recoverable before the event. With proper business class windows backup software you can restore individual email boxes or individual messages, you cannot do this with the Windows backup software supplied by Microsoft. It is always worth paying the extra for specialized backup software so you have the insurance that your data is fully recoverable. If its not clear by now, have a procedure in place and test regularly, if you dont you will definitely loss your data at some point in the future.

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