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Think about it. . . "Which Subliminal Programs Are You Most in the Mood for Right Now"?

From: Lord Daniel Klatt, "Think and Grow Rich Guy" Author, Speaker, WealthSensei InnerWealth Institute Founder & CEO Wednesday, 1:29 a.

m. , (Too "Think Positive! Think Positive"!

to sleep ;-) The first question I ask you, "Which Subliminal Program are you most in the mood for right now"? - because your needs change as quickly as your mood does.

(We'll talk about the second question in a short time. ) Think about it - in the morning you're jarred out of a blissful sleep, possibly while you're lying on the beach on a tropical island with your "dream" lover sensually caressing you.

. . .

when BLAM-BLAM-BLAM you're slammed back into "reality" just when it was getting good!

. . . .

And the reality hits you that you've gotta jump out of bed and hop into the shower before facing the endless traffic, parking hassles, all the "joy" of the 12-inch overflowing inbox that seems to pile up faster than you can finish it. All the day-to-day stuff you know you've got, task manager for teams, to tackle. . .

That's the perfect time to turn on  (CLICK HERE) .

. . .

Because you know (and through repeated use it's been anchored in you, over the days it's trained you to be in the habit that all you have to do is run the program and it instantly happens). .

. it'll give you that immediate jolt of "I'm fired up and ready to tackle the day - I can handle anything.

. . Large, In Charge and Turbo-Charged"!

So your morning kick-start gets you going, and then when you encounter the first challenge of the day, maybe a grouchy person calling or someone upset about whatever it is.

. . . That's probably the time to put in (CLICK HERE) .

. . . Because you know it gives you that constant steady reminder to "put on your happy face" and take the high road, which is ALWAYS far more productive for you and everyone else.

By you keeping in mind it's nothing personal - and reacting to what you're being hit with and losing your cool - that diffuses the otherwise stressful situation and the right solution will present itself faster.

Plus it's just a far more fulfilling, productive and better way to live, always thinking positive and not being negative! As you'll see within a few days of taking advantage of your 8-10 hours a day in front of the computer to improve your mind and create a better life. .

. it only takes a short time using "Think Positive!

Think Positive"! before it turns you into an "always positive" happy, go-lucky person.

After I personally became permanently "Focused & Fired Up"! I've used "Think Positive! Think Positive"!

continuously since - with great results - to the point where it's automatically trained me to to pause *before* an "other than positive" thought becomes carelessly expressed - and I consciously say "oh yeah, Think Positive!

Think Positive"! and halt the non-supportive thought before I give it any life and power. So yes - I definitely recommend both programs become a steady part of your daily routine ( and I love how they put your personal growth and development and becoming a better person on automatic and happen without any work or thought on your part! ) Or would you rather have  Custom Subliminal Software  exactly the way you want them?

I've been helping people learn and grow and become the person they want to be since 1984, and since 1991 I've used just about every kind of subliminal tape, CD, video, software, hypnosis training, meditation program and practically anything similar you can imagine. Because I created "Focused & Fired Up"! *FOR MY OWN USE* - I can assure you it's top-notch. And by the way, have you ever - ever - seen any subliminal material that reveals exactly what it's pounding over and over into your subconscious minds, bypassing your conscious filters?

Out of the literally dozens I've used, I remember seeing.

. . one - that did:  It's not totally unheard of, just extremely rare.

, team task management tools Yet what if one or more of the Statements/Subconscious Instructions in "Focused & Fired Up"! or "Think Positive!

Think Positive"! just aren't quite right -for you-?

I'd hate to have you deny yourself all the benefits I've personally received from using both - just because my 'shoe size' (brain) is different than yours! Or - more likely what will be of great interest to you - what if you want to dynamically increase the effectiveness of how you do your specific work, no matter what your work is? For example, are you in.


. As you can imagine, each of these things are quite different and they all will require their own specific Custom Subliminal Software for people in those professions to reach their full potential and enjoy success at the highest levels they can. Think about it: If you're an online marketer, you know it would be invaluable to put your computer to work to automatically turn you into a far more effective and successful online marketer, you know? For example, off the top of my head, we might use these kinds of Statements/Subconscious Instructions (they're so much more powerful than affirmations when you work with them the way we do!

): You can imagine how these and a total of 20 to 50 Statements/Personalized Instructions specific to you and your work (not just what you do, which I could create. . . how you are, too - not just size 8 extra wide dress shoes, but size 8, 4E black penny loafers from Allen Edmonds that fit you exactly!

Think for a minute how much more effective you'll be by turning every second you're in front of the computer into "personal growth" time, where without doing any work you're automatically infusing your mind with the exact Statements/Subconscious Instructions you need.

. . .

I hope you also realize that how you are today - every aspect of who you are - is only the result of your past habits, experiences and conditioning. You've heard we're creatures of habit, and this is so true.

As we know from "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Master Key System", "As a Man Thinketh" and "Science of Getting Rich" as well as countless of my own materials and those of several other leading "Mind Power" experts, the results you're getting today are the effect of the way you think. And that's just based on how you've become accustomed to thinking - it's the habits of thought you have.

For example, read a few of the testimonials at http://www. which includes my "Focused & Fired Up"! Custom Subliminal Software, about how easily people train themselves (or ARE trained to, because it happens without doing any work) to become excited, enthusiastic and motivated.

Or this, you realize, is the exact premise behind Think and Grow Rich which has sold about 60 million copies and make more millionaires than anything in history.

You become what you think about most often. And because your subconscious mind is always observing you like a computer waiting for its instructions, when you use your Custom Subliminal Software titles to give your subconscious mind the exact instructions you want it to have, it's no wonder you can expect such phenomenal results! . .

. Because the software bypasses your conscious filters and passes the exact statements you've chosen to influence how well you're performing right to the place that determines how well you're performing. . .


Anyway, I could go on and on and on about this stuff because in case you haven't noticed, I get real Fired Up! about it :-)) If you're interested in having me create your own Custom Subliminal Software titles, I've set it up so you get the title along with 20-50 Statements/Subconscious Instructions of your choice, which I will then embed within the program itself. This work will probably take 2-3 business days to get it to you.

And - get this - you'll also receive the Master Resale Rights to the titles you have me create . That means you can sell the titles and keep all the money you make, give them freely to your coworkers, and even sell the programs with the Master Resale Rights to your customers - In fact I suggest you sell them for $40 for people's personal use and $60-97 including the Master Resale Rights, so one person buys and you've then made back your small investment, which is only $60 when you click here.

How Else Can You Get Fantastic *Personal* Results from Using Your Computer Time for Your Personal Growth? App collaboration, (See All the Possibilities of Your Custom Subliminal Software) If you go back up a bit and see all the different ways you're able to benefit from playing at peak levels - specifically up there at work, you'll also see several powerful hints at many other ways you can enjoy.

. . .


. T hrough the different Custom Subliminal Software titles you request. , team management tasks For example, how much more weight could you lift if you work out and for 8 hours a day you fed your subconscious mind messages such as: . .

. And so on. I imagine you're reeling with all the ways you can use Custom Subliminal Software to improve your performance in several important areas of your life, such as. .


As you can see, you're limited only by your imagination, and that as we know, is unlimited. How many different possibilities did you see yourself using and benefiting from? Well let me know - and I'll get to work creating your Custom Subliminal Software to your exact specifications!

As a special offer to help you realize the value and benefit of getting several Custom Subliminal Software Titles - for many different areas of your life (or to sell to many different groups of people you know! ).

. .

Even though the offer to get each Custom Subliminal Software you want created to your specifications for only $60 is already a fantastic deal - not even considering you're also getting the Master Resale Rights to each Custom Subliminal Software you have me create. . .

The rule of thumb is to charge 3-5 times much as the individual product will cost for the Master Resale Rights, and I ask that you always sell each Custom Subliminal Software for at least $30-$40 with no rights, for your customer's personal use only.

. . Therefore because you'll sell each title yourself for $30-$40, you'd expect to pay $90-$200 for *EACH* of your Custom Subliminal Software titles including the Master Resale Rights! I probably will charge that much soon, yet this site is new because previously I've only created the titles for my own clients - and now that I'm opening it up to everyone and their coach, I want to make a BIG SPLASH and make it extremely easy for you to give yourself the benefit of having 3 or more Custom Subliminal Software Titles.

. . So during our first two weeks, or maybe less once I get too busy and have to cut back, you're able to get 3 Custom Subliminal Software Titles of your choice - all with Master Resale Rights - for only $150! Or if you want to use your Custom Subliminal Software as I recommend you do - based on your mood, and what activities you've got coming up (put Golf on 2 hours before you play, for example - and watch your play dramatically improve).


. you'll - all with Master Resale Rights - for only $250. .

. .

- And as a special bonus, I'll also give you "Focused & Fired Up"! and "Think Positive!

Think Positive"! with Master Resale Rights, as well! * You can take up to 6 months to use all 3 to 5 or more titles you buy.

Single Custom Subliminal Software titles must be done within 4 weeks of purchase.

Let's Include   for You to See All the Possibilities This is important to me, that you're getting full benefit of EVERY Custom Subliminal Software you buy from me - AND that each of your clients get full benefit from every single Custom Subliminal Software they buy from you! Therefore I'm giving you with each order - and allowing you to give everyone who buys from you the following 2 $50 bonuses: Buy 1 Custom Subliminal Software Title Here Buy 3 Custom Subliminal Software Titles Here Buy 5 Custom Subliminal Software Titles Here! (Also Comes w/"Focused & Fired Up" + "Think Positive! Think Positive"!

- both also with Master Resale Rights) Let's shift gears a minute and talk about the second question I ask you at the top of this page: You don't have the same shoe size as everyone else, so why would you treat your brain as being the same as everyone else's? Before You Think About Using  any "off-the-shelf" Subliminal Software. . .

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